2021 Preview

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Catalogue, New Finishes 2020

As an integral part of our brand, the colours and finishes of our collections are reminiscent of our territory and of our culture–the architectural elements of Venice, the art of glassblowing, the precious tesserae of mosaics, but also the eccentricities and colourful novelties brought by international traders to Venetian markets. The contemporary tones of our palette enhance Lodes’ versatile and eclectic character–sophisticated hues that further boost the potential for living spaces personalisation.

Catalogue, The Lighting Makers 2019 ⁄ 2020

Lodes products strike a perfect balance between technical know–how and sophisticated aesthetics. Since 1950, our company has been creating lighting pieces with special attention paid to the best manufacturing techniques and to contemporary design languages, to bring to life veritable decorative pieces.