Oblò, design by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio

Lodes is pleased to announce the launch of Oblò, immerse yourself in a marine journey signed by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio. Visit us at the Lodes showroom in Milan to discover the fun world of the new collection!

Lodes at Milan Design Week, 16th–21st April 24

Lodes presents Oblò design by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio

Oblò, design by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio

Ph. Mattia Balsamini

Oblò is a delightful family of lamps that touches on the essence of the sea. The glass diffuser, with its soft, rounded shapes, is suspended by a knotted cable, appearing to float in the air like a buoy.”

Oblò manufacturing

Ph. Mattia Balsamini

Oblò, design by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio, manufacturing process.

Paola Navone – OTTO Studio

Outspoken, dreamy, eclectic: within her lies the blend of flavours and colours from the Southern hemisphere, embraced, loved, and frequented, melded with the tastes and forms of the West, steeped in tradition, open, ever evolving. From this amalgamation emerges her unquenchable curiosity, scouring for materials, forms, and structures across time and space. Paola Navone is an architect and interior designer. Her portfolio boasts numerous projects spanning hotels, restaurants, and public spaces across South East Asia, the United States, Italy, France, and beyond. She is also a prolific product designer and art director, having curated exhibitions and installations worldwide. She is the co-founder of OTTO: the Milan-based design studio that collaborates with leading names in the international and Italian design scene, alongside Gian Paolo Venier, Cristina Pettenuzzo, and Domenico Diego. Her accolades include the International Design Award in Osaka, multiple Elle Deco International Design Awards, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Good Design Award for product design, along with being inducted into the Design Hall of Fame by Interior Design Magazine in New York.

Paola Navone

New Oblò collection

Oblò, finishes Silk White, Clear and Glossy Smoke

Oblò, finishes Iridescent and Azure Steel

Finish: Iridescent

Ph. Mattia Balsamini