Luca Nichetto

Lighting company Studio Italia Design appoints Luca Nichetto as Design Curator

Luca Nichetto, ph. ©Ilenia Martini

Luca Nichetto

Italian decorative lighting company Studio Italia Design has appointed multidisciplinary designer Luca Nichetto as the brand’s Design Curator.

The announcement sets the scene for the brand’s 2020 plans, which will be unveiled in April during Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Studio Italia Design

Based in Marcon (Venice), Studio Italia Design creates interior and exterior lighting solutions with the highest quality standards and a distinctive Made in Italy essence. Founded in 1950 by Angelo Tosetto, a Venetian with a passion for glass, Studio Italia Design has become one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting. Currently present in 90 markets worldwide, the brand’s products strike a perfect balance between technical know-how and sophisticated aesthetics.

Studio Italia Design has since the early 2000’s worked with external designers to create pieces with special attention paid to the best manufacturing techniques. Paving the way for global brand announcements in Spring, Nichetto’s role as Design Curator will serve in the company’s creative evolution and continued efforts to accelerate the brand’s design credentials into a new era of competitive and high quality products.

Massimiliamo Tosetto, General Manager of Studio Italia Design comments:

“At Studio Italia Design we feel that Luca’s unique perspective and approach aligns with our brand’s vision; creating lighting solutions which strike a perfect balance between consolidated know-how and a distinctive creative style. Luca will bring to our company, our team and our clients a strong combination of aesthetic sophistication and design excellency and we cannot wait to see this new vision to take shape.”

Luca Nichetto

Nichetto founded his Venice-based design studio specialising in industrial design, product design and design consulting in 2006. From the beginning, Nichetto has collaborated with a number of renowned international brands to produce outstanding design pieces, such as the Elysia lounge chair for De La Espada, the Lato table for &tradition and the new Luca Collection for Bernhardt Design. His work also includes installations and architectural projects, such as The Dream Carousel windows display for Hermès Hong Kong and the Tales Pavilion for Tales in Beijing, thus expanding its influence far beyond Venice and Italy.

Nichetto Studio (Stockholm, Sweden)

In 2011, he opened his second studio in Stockholm as a response to the growing number of requests for collaboration from international brands, with the studio going beyond its original focus on object design.

With a vast knowledge and deep passion for industrial design and the craft manufacturing processes, Nichetto is personally involved in every project, with a keen attention to detail and cultural nuances.

Luca Nichetto comments:

“Italian design has always made emotion one of its main components, creating a sort of ‘affection’ in the user. I think that all the objects that surround me have a function, but if they do not have certain other characteristics, such as aesthetics, a playful component and colours, it is difficult that this object could be part of my world.”

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