Nautilus Spot

The new Spot expands the Nautilus collection by Studio Italia Design

Nautilus Spot, Finish: Matte White

Nautilus Spot, Finish: Matte Black

Nautilus Spot

The Nautilus collection, the best-selling family that combines decisive design and cutting-edge technology, is now enriched by the new Nautilus Spot light. Synonymous with essentiality, its minimalist design dots the ceiling and unleashes the purity of a simple sign of light. Nautilus Spot is available in three matte finishes—champagne, black and white—or in glossy chrome.

Nautilus Spot, Finish: Matte Champagne

Nautilus Spot, Finish: Chrome

Design by Andrea Tosetto

Designed by Andrea Tosetto in 2017, Nautilus is a versatile family of lamps with distinctly dynamic lighting effects. A decisive and contemporary design that expresses the full potential of LED light through convex glass lenses that deliver direct light without glare. The different versions allow for ample personalisation of lighting in a wide variety of environments and cater to the specific needs of both residential and professional applications.

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