Volum and IVY I are now available in the product configurator

Volum and IVY I are now available in the product configurator: further possibilities to personalise your spaces through light. 

Volum, design by Snøhetta, 2022

Product configurator: Volum

The latest novelties Volum (14, 22 and 29), the suspension lamp collection resulting from the first collaboration with Snøhetta and IVY I, a suspension lamp designed by Italian architect Vittorio Massimo, have been integrated into the product configurator.

IVY, design by Vittorio Massimo, 2022

Product configurator: IVY

The configurator allows you to select a suspension lamp from Lodes and combine it with a canopy of your choice to create a unique composition that satisfies a variety of decorative and functional lighting requirements. Among the canopies, it will now also be possible to choose the new type of multiple round canopy with nine lights.


The product configurator embodies the Lodes concept of “standard bespoke”, products that are universal yet particular to each client’s needs. This ensures that having started from the standard elements, users of the tool can build a personal composition to suit their creative and technical requirements.

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