Family house in District II

This project reference showcases a family home in Budapest’s District II. Based on the design concept of the project, the primary objective was to thoroughly modernise the existing house and optimise its spaces to cultivate an elegant, transparent, and luminous atmosphere. The existing building required a complete structural overhaul to accommodate the new lifestyle of a family with two school-aged children. The designer, Harrer Norbert Noam, drew inspiration from a wide range of sources including art, travel and family dynamics. In addition, technical solutions were implemented to ensure maximum comfort and luxury, while maintaining a cosy and welcoming ambiance throughout the spaces. The outcome is a uniquely styled home that seamlessly caters to the family’s needs, reflecting their versatile lifestyle and artistic interests.
Budapest - Hungary
Solinfo - Designer: Noam Norbert Harrwer - Project Manager: Katalin Hamori
Ph. Gergo Gosztom