Tierra – Osteria Contemporanea

Matera, the city of stones, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was European Capital of Culture for 2019. Designing the restyling of an environment here means entering with the utmost respect into places where every corner is the guardian of a fragment of history. For this reason, the design must be meticulous in every detail because here the stone is the sole protagonist, and everything that surrounds it must necessarily remain in the background, without altering the context or overshadowing the existing elements. The building in question is located in the Sassi district and fully embodies the intrinsic characteristics of rupestrian architecture, having been carved out inside a cave. Stone dominates the vaults and ceilings, and all the walls evoke pieces of history. The design aimed to highlight the warm and enveloping colours already inherent in the environment through the use of natural materials such as wood and accessories in pastel shades. All the furnishings were custom-designed to fit seamlessly into a context already rich in sound. The careful selection of lighting fixtures also contributed to creating an atmosphere with warm, enveloping tones. The goal was to use versatile lighting solutions to enhance all the existing design elements without overpowering the scene. The choice of Lodes lamps, such as IVY I, A-Tube Nano, and Cima, fully reflected the design concept, and their minimalist and extremely elegant design perfectly matched the ambience.
Matera, Italy
Ing. Musci Maria Giacomina
Ph. Vincenzo Tedesco