Toby’s Estate

Nestled in the heart of Riyadh’s KAFD business district, the Toby’s Estate store has been meticulously designed to provide a serene retreat for customers seeking solace from the fast-paced corporate world. Responding to a design brief emphasising the creation of a striking central bar as the coffee shop’s focal point, the Studio Nesef team embarked on the challenge of fashioning an unparalleled space that blends functionality with aesthetic charm. The layout boasts two distinct seating options: formal dining areas exuding refinement and lounge seating offering relaxed comfort, catering to the diverse customer preferences. To overcome the spatial limitations of the narrow floor plan, we implemented dual levels of seating, effectively delineating seating zones from the central bar and infusing the space with a sense of depth and dynamism. An innovative touch was introduced with textured metal accents gracing the walls, imbuing the space with visual intrigue and orchestrating enchanting interplays of light, thereby enriching the ambiance with nuanced sophistication. Given the locale's high-end business district setting, we curated a sophisticated colour palette featuring greys, beiges, and browns, striking a delicate balance between refined elegance and inviting warmth. A standout feature of the design is the curved ceiling chandelier, a masterful creation crafted from an array of over 200 Random Solo fixtures, each boasting unique finishes and shades. This bespoke installation serves as a captivating focal point, seamlessly complementing the overall design ethos while infusing the space with an air of opulence.
KAFD ( King Abdullah Financial District ) – Saudi Arabia
Studio Nesef
Ph. Mohammed Ashkanani