ROD by Diesel Living with Lodes

A new entry in the Diesel Living with Lodes collection, ROD is a bridge between concreteness and versatility.


ROD’s design concept originates from the form of a construction rod. The slender stem connects two immaginary blocks of cement, rising from the base and supporting the shade, which hosts the LED light source. To adjust the level of light, the user can simply touch the top of the shade.

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ROD by Diesel Living with Lodes

Small yet robust, the lamp is portable and rechargeable via a C-type-USB port, which is protected by a rubber cap. The specific feature allows the light to be protected from dust, dirst and splashes, making ROD a perfect choice for use within hospitality venues as well as residential settings.

Battery charging time: power supply 1,4A = 3 h
Life: full power (100%) 8h, half power (50%) 48h, minimum power (10%) 180h

Available in Moss Gray, Soft Pink, Ivory and Dark Asphalt.