Studio Italia Design opens a branded space in Doha, Qatar


Pushing its growth strategy in the Middle East, the Venetian decorative lighting company Studio Italia Design chooses Qatar for its first branded space in the Region.


Located in the heart of Doha, at C Ring Road, the space has been opened on February 27th in collaboration with Abensal, the highly regarded Dubai-based decorative lighting vendor. The showroom features two windows on the C Ring Roadand houses the brand’s most iconic products as well as the latest collections.


Open to privates and professionals alike, the new space provides an excellent venue for product presentation: a privileged point of contact with local specifiers, architects and professionals to showcase the company’s product collections.

Nostalgia Medium, design by Dima Loginoff, 2015

Lodes Doha – Abensal Lighting
C-Ring Road, St. 230 Zone 41, Building no. 245
Al Hilal – Doha, Qatar → Google Maps