IVY I, Design by Vittorio Massimo, 2022


IVY is a minimal, geometric lighting piece composed of a ring hanging on a cable, which gives power to a made to measure LED module. Designed with single and double cables (IVY I and IVY V respectively), IVY responds to the need for flexibility, an increasingly contemporary theme in architectural practice and restoration, allowing the luminaire to be released from its ceiling derivation.

The name IVY relates to the clustering of lamps on numerous cables that are reminiscent of climbing branches. The cables intertwine and overlap in the same way as the plant ivy, adapting to the environment and framing certain details of the space. The composition emphasises various focal points from different or changing points of view of those who walk through the room.


The design was also inspired by rings, specifically wedding rings, as pendants on necklaces. This motif translates to the ring’s position on the double cable, reinforcing it as a simple yet precious object, making the perfection of its form the value.


IVY I is a single pendant lamp with a single cable supporting the ring, which can be used on its own or in compositions on Lodes canopies.


IVY V, on the other hand, opens new territory with its new canopy. IVY V features a double cable which forms a V by hanging the cable from the power source in the ceiling to wherever users decide to fix it. IVY V can also be used on a new multiple canopy that consists of a base with a central hole from which up to 6 or 12 cables hang. Users can create several V shapes, starting from the canopy and positioning the cable wherever they want around the room, securing it to the ceiling through a small black metal element.


The cable is black, while the die-cast zinc alloy ring comes in three finishes: matte black, extra-matte champagne and terra. IVY sheds light downward through a long and narrow opening, which has been skilfully designed to disseminate an even, rounded beam through its methacrylate diffuser.


IVY is a true space architecture project, with the cables becoming a graphic sign that defines the space.

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IVY I Structure: Metal Code
Ecodesign Regulation

The LED-only light source contained in this fixture must only be replaced by the manufacturer, its support service or similarly qualified personnel.

The LED driver contained in this fixture must only be replaced by the manufacturer, its support service or similarly qualified personnel.

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