Tech Campus De School

Located in Roelofarendsveen, the Netherlands, the Tech Campus De School is dedicated to information and communication technology and is housed in a former secondary school. With the intention of creating an inspiring space for both business activities and employees, Design & Meer, in collaboration with VRP architects, undertook the project to transform an old secondary school into a workplace and campus dedicated to information and communications technology. The building’s entrance, also serving as a coffee and meeting area, features a spacious counter crafted from HIMACS solid surface material. Designed in the Urban Concrete shade, this greyish colour choice was made to harmonise with the original tones of the building. Stretching an impressive 10 metres in length, the counter boasts an extremely sturdy appearance. The expansive worktop in HIMACS allows this element to be used both as a reception area and an employee meeting point. Positioned above the desk are a series of IVYs: the composition enhances this focal point from various viewpoints or depending on the perspective of those navigating the space.
Roelofarendsveen – Netherlands
Design: Design & Meer and VRP architects
ph. Roos Jansen, from Lichtgevoelig filmproducties