Lodes’ Volum collection now graces the main lobby of Luminare – a luxury residential project in Newstead, Australia, by Brisbane-based property developer, Cavcorp. Luminare offers individual apartments with comprehensive resident services and an array of indoor and outdoor amenities, including a private fitness centre, infinity pool, and alfresco kitchen, fostering a dynamic and vibrant community atmosphere. In the main lobby, the Volum suspension lamps are displayed in a stunning composition, featuring blown glass globes in various sizes, all finished in pristine white, seamlessly complementing each other. The Volum installation acts as a captivating piece of artwork, welcoming visitors and setting the ambiance for their experience within the Luminare complex. With its seamless and understated design, the Volum lamp diffuses a soft, uninterrupted light in a 360-degree spread, enveloping the spacious lounge area.
Brisbane - AUS
Brock Beazley