Diesel Living with Lodes unveils new products

Milan Design Week 2023

Diesel Living with Lodes

The Diesel Living with Lodes line now includes three new products – Magic Mushroom, Reglobe and U.F.O. – and an extension of the Spring collection.

Magic Mushroom, design by Diesel Living with Lodes

Reglobe, design by Diesel Living with Lodes

Magic Mushroom and Reglobe

Magic Mushroom is a table lamp inspired by the silhouette of a mushroom, offering a psychedelic interpretation of nature with its blown glass diffuser that creates an optical effect. The artisanal touch of Lodes is evident in the Aqua finish of Magic Mushroom, which is available in one size (38 cm) and features an adjustable dimmer.

Reglobe brings the 1960s into the 21st century thanks to a special industrial process that uses rotational moulding to assemble recycled plastic grains of different colours, reproducing a terrazzo effect. A large, yet lightweight pendant, Reglobe features a white terrazzo finish with vibrant colour accents.
Each individual Reglobe unit is unique, with colour tones varying depending on the blending method used during the production process. Available in three sizes (Ø45, Ø55, Ø65 cm) and in a Random Terrazzo finish that varies according to the combination of recycled polyethylene, Reglobe has a dimmer that can be adjusted from the switch.

U.F.O., design by Diesel Living with Lodes

U.F.O., design by Diesel Living with Lodes


U.F.O., a pendant lamp whose name recalls the imagery of Unidentified Flying Objects, features a minimalist design reminiscent of the late 1990s.
U.F.O. consists of a wide and flattened metal diffuser, designed to have a minimal visual presence that does not obstruct the surrounding space. Its punctual and homogeneous light is emitted downwards from the LED, making it the perfect pendant lamp for illuminating a table. U.F.O. is available in two sizes (Ø35 and Ø60 cm) and three finishes: Black, Rust, and Sand.

Spring floor, design by Diesel Living with Lodes

Spring wall and ceiling, design by Diesel Living with Lodes


The Spring collection now includes a floor version that echoes the design of the wall and ceiling versions, featuring a craftsmanship that recalls the safety pin principle. The collection maintains its elegant and minimalist aesthetic, with a distinctive nod to the world of fashion.

In its floor version, Spring features a LED strip that projects light in a linear way into the surrounding space. Spring’s base can be directed during installation, allowing the user to position the output cable towards the wall or in the diametrically opposite direction. Spring, available in one size (180 cm) in the Deep Black finish, is equipped with a foot dimmer that allows the light intensity to be adjusted at will.

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