2021 Preview

Lodes launches Easy Peasy and Random Solo as part of a new era of lighting design and innovation

Easy Peasy family, Lagoon, Flamingo, Kelp and Chestnut

Random Solo 28 and 23, finishes: Clear and Rose Gold

2021 Preview

Lodes, the long-established Italian contemporary lighting company, has launched a preview of its 2021 collection of products: Easy Peasy by Design Curator Luca Nichetto and Random Solo by design collaborator Chia-Ying Lee.

These product launches reflect the brand’s refreshed approach to manufacturing innovation and contemporary design, whilst heralding the company’s recent rebrand on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.

Massimiliano Tosetto, General Manager of Lodes said:

“The launch of new products demonstrates our commitment to progressing creativity, diversity and innovation at the company as we continue to expand our portfolio of competitive high-quality products. Easy Peasy and Random Solo embody the evolution of our company into an international leader creating innovative and inspirational lighting for any atmosphere and setting.”

Luca Nichetto, Design Curator of Lodes said:

“The products we are launching emphasise this need to further expand on the relationship between products and users by blending form and function. Today’s design requires a seamless integration of interaction and technological performance to create pieces that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but also serve a function and create a connection.”

Random Solo 23 and 28, Round Cluster System, composition of 14 lights, finishes: Clear and Glossy Smoke

Random Solo 12, 14, 18, 23 and 28, finishes: Clear and Glossy Smoke

Chia-Ying Lee said:

“When I started developing the design concept for Random Solo, I realised it was essential to reflect the social significance of lighting: we gather and create relationships with other individuals around sources of light. Through the juxtaposition of clusters, Random Solo becomes a meeting point for association and congregation, whilst also allowing for multiple aesthetic variations with the use of glass, different sizes and compositions.”

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